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BSF outside view


Welcome to the first official posting of our brand new – Brady Street Futons Blog. Yes, a blog about Futons, and many other Futon related titbits that makes our little shop so special. We hope to capture your attention and be entertaining as well. Yeah, WE ROCK FUTONS…and are seriously excited to start blogging.

So, who, what, and why is Brady Street Futons you may ask? How did we get our name? Some of you may even ask, “What is a futon?” And of course, my favorite question I hear is, “Does anyone even buy futons anymore?” My answer to that is, “You’re Damn Right~! People LOVE futons (and so do their pets), and they are so much nicer than they were back in the day. YES, people still need futons, and use them to furnishing their homes, offices, dorms, bedrooms, RV’s, airplanes, cottages, sunrooms, vans, etc.”

And speaking of our store name, Brady Street Futons has been a business located right in the heart of Historic Brady St. in Milwaukee, WI. for the last 30 years. We are planning on being a healthy strong business for decades to come, so don’t worry about us leaving anytime soon.

What drives us to make the WORLD’S BEST FUTONS? Well, best in the great USA that’s for sure. Yes, this may sound presumptuous, but we are really serious about what we craft and hand make here at Brady Street Futons. There really isn’t anything like sitting and sleeping on one of our Brady Street Futons. It’s taken us years to perfect our craft, and I can proudly say we are at the highest level of Futon Mastery we can achieve~! (See pic 1 for image of Futon Master)


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I could go on, but I really want to communicate one major thing here; Futons are MORE comfortable than ever before and are available in so many attractive styles, finishes, and attractive fabric choices. In fact, most people are blown away when they walk into our store and try out and see what I was just talking about.

Many of our future blogs will contain revealing content about our rich background, our very colorful employees, and most importantly, all the wonderful customers we have served over the years. I’m going to spill the beans about us in our next post, so please stay tuned~!

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to feature more about ourselves personally and professionally in next post. The content could be very revealing?!?!?!


Your Futon Masters

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